Some Business 'Truths' I have Learned

10/11/2013 2-minute read

Often, when I chat to people, we swap “pearls of wisdom” - often hard-learned lessons of business.

I thought for this post I would share just a few…

  • If you define your business model using the name of someones else’s company - you do not have your own business model - and you will most likely not succeed. For example. “We are going to be the company X of industry Y.”

  • When Dunbar proposed Dunbar’s Number of 150 - he was right! It is tough to navigate large organisations. Responsibility is ameliorated, decision making lengthened and efficiency lost. If you KNOW all the people you need to know - you can find a way to get things done.

  • The more you silo an organisation, the less it performs. You might think you are specialising and optimising. But in reality you are creating structures through which no work can flow.

  • People are not a resource, or an expense - they are people and if you treat them as such they can do amazing things.

  • More people in an organisation know how to make sure things do not get done, than how to actually get things done.

  • Most company value & mission statements reflect exactly what they do not do and how they do not behave. Essentially; read it, reverse it - and there you have it.

  • If you are not changing and improving your business processes and practices, you are losing ground - because the world around you is always moving forward.

What are yours?